slawson01 (slawson01) wrote in football_fans,

Draft day

 The Detroit Lions continue to make whacky draft picks.  I think they open the phone book and call people at random, ask them if they know anything about football, if they say "No" then they offer them $50 cash to come down and draw a name out of a hat.  "I have an idea, let's pay $43 million for a guy nobody else wants so we can take him at #1."

As a Broncos fan living in Detroit I was much more pleased with Denver's picks.  A RB for a team built around the run that had to sign a back that got cut by the worst team in the league (Detroit didn't need Tatum Bell, but Denver did after trading him away) because they had six injured tailbacks.  This year they won't have Cutler's gun to fall back on if they can't run their offense.

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