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Some really great Super Bowl XLIII content.

In light of today's big game, I wanted to share some relevant articles ranging from an in-depth preview of the game, advice on party supplies (what to drink, eat, etc), and even a look at a few of the really great past Super Bowls. 

Super Bowl XLIII In-depth Preview

Super Bowl XLIII is upon us, and only breaks down the game in so much detail in our exclusive SportsLife preview of the Big Game. Will the resurgent Cardinals complete their fairy tale season and make good on their Cinderella story? Or will the Steel Curtain shut down another high powered offense and claim their record sixth Lombardi Trophy? READ MORE

The Party Essentials: The Big Game

Having a gathering to watch the Super Bowl is a traditional party, full of a lot of fun, and a lot of food. When it’s time to watch the Super Bowl, and have a gathering at home, it’s tough to find the tailgate fare that will please everyone, and be party appropriate. Whether you’re firing up the grill at home, making do with a broiler inside, or even tailgating at the stadium, the big game demands grilled food, cold beer, and enough to please the crowd at your party. How can you put on the best Super Bowl party at your house? There’s some great beers and great recipes for you to try, as well as some great cigars to enjoy with the Super Bowl. READ MORE

The SportsLife 5 Greatest Super Bowls (And What Makes Them Great)

In the NFL, there’s four types of games for the Super Bowl to be labeled: A blowout, a yawnfest, the Upset, and the Instant Classic. Now the first two are never fun to watch for the average fan, so unless you’re a diehard fan for one team or the other, we can dispense with how a blow out is great (starting the party early), and the yawner (the highlight is normally the commercials). That leaves us with the final two type of Super Bowls we may wind up with this very year: The Upset, and the Instant Classic. READ MORE



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