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Here's the deal:

-In order for the Bucs to make the playoffs, they need to beat Oakland AND Philly needs to beat Dallas.

-In order for PHILLY to make it, they need to beat Dallas, AND the Bucs and one of two other teams need to LOSE.

-The Bucs play in the morning, Philly/Dallas is the afternoon game.


If Tampa beats the Raiders in the morning, they knock Philly out, and Philly may decide there's no point in going all out against Dallas, (and help the Bucs to the playoffs) since there's no benefit to them anymore!!

Why oh why, must we play in the morning where Philly can watch and decide, directly or not, if they're going to help out the team that inadvertantly kicked them out of the playoffs???

Here's hoping the Bucs win, and then that Philly decides NOT to throw in the towel against one of their biggest division rivals.*bites nails*

EDIT: Here's another thought: Say the Bucs beat the Raiders (and they WILL beat the Raiders) then all Philly has to do is decide who they hate more? The Bucs or their rivals, the Cowboys? Granted, the Bucs will have knocked them out, but wouldn't they prefer to spoil Dallas's chances? Don't they hate Dallas more than my sweet little pirates???
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