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I have been neglecting this journal.  I lost interest. I am going to try to revive this one.  I have been keeping up with my personal journal.  From the personal journal

What is it with these exceptionally talented athletes?  They have been handed a dream. They make great amounts of money and reap heaps of accolades and fame for doing something they love. Then by hard work and intense effort, they ruin the whole thing.

Terrill Owens, the ten year old in a man's body, brought this back to my mind this week. Talk about an idiot. He is a first class wide receiver.  He could be the backbone of a great team as he works his way into the hall of fame. He could also be doing great things to help his community.  Instead he is working very hard at ruining his own career.

He began with the 49ers if I remember right,   There he was working on breaking records and helping his team do well until the TO baggage opened again.  He started fussing and feuding with his coach and the quarterback.  He even accused Garcia of being a homosexual during an interview causing all of his teammates the the entire city of San Fran to just love him. The 49ers decided to trade him, They wanted to trade him to Baltimore,  He refused to play there endearing himself to yet another city.  Instead he went to Philadelphia Eagles, whose, fans really wanted him or so I have read.  They changed their minds soon.

At Philadelphia things were good for the first season or so then once again TO, the little boy, screwed it all up.  He did well for the Eagles for a while.  In a game against New England, he played even though he was told not do so by his doc.  He did well in that game. After wards he critized the media saying that if he were Farve he would have been prased for playing hurt.  Endearing himself to yet more people. 

Now things get fun again. TO hired a new agent and demanded more money than the Eagles were willing to pay.  They did anyway. TO who loved his quarterback in the beginning now begins to feud with him.  The team was losing. TO doesn't like losing nor taking responsibility. He started telling interviewers that he wished he had not signed with the Eagles.  The Eagles lost badly to the Cowboys, TO was seen walking around wearing a Cowboy's jersey.  Now    Philadelphia loves him. There were shouting matches in the team locker room.  He trash talked his own team during interviews.  He is working really hard at destroying his life.  He said that that he thought the Eagles would be undefeated if Brett Favre were on the team instead of Donovan McNabb. This ended his career in Philadelphia.  He was suspended for four or five games then deactivated, The then made a public apology to McNabb and the rest of the team members.   Then there was the suicide attempt which he denies was a sucide attempt even though police and people close to him said it was. 
I personally was sick to death of TO at this point.  Everyone else was too.  But he goes to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys love hiring thugs and criminals and idiots. TO fit right in.  You'd think he would.  In the first year he did well. He loved his quarterback to the point of public tears.  In what is an embarrassing interview, TO is bawling and talking about "He's my quarterback."  It is still a joke.  Today it is a different story. His quarterback is making secret plays with another wide receiver and ignoring his former wide reciever. TO feels he has been jilted.  His quarterback loves another. There is now shouting in the locker room and feuds and fussing.  The TO idiocy continues. He has ceased to be even a joke. 

Just a fun list of TO moments

Spitting in the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall.  He apologized and was fined. 

He is known for his in your face and nasty TD celebrations.  The most notable is the time he ran from the endzone to the Cowboy's star logo. The second time he did that a Cowboy player punched him. 





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