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Army takes down the NFL

I was just watching NFL Total Access on NFL Network. They had Dion Sanders showing how to run a fade route and a fade stop. Marshal Faulk was throwing and Steve Mariuchi was describing it. They had half a dozen soldiers there in desert camo and they picked one to play CB and cover Dion. They show the segment and Dion runs all over the camo cornerback once for each route and Dion made two TDs. Dion talked trash "I used to do this for real." and danced in the end zone.

After it was over and they went back to the booth, they showed some of the other takes where Pete (the soldier CB's first name) was swatting down passes, making picks and taking off. This guy was selected by Dion because he is about 6" shorter. Marshal Faulk tried to pick the biggest soldier there, but Dion said "That's not a corner, that's a defensive end. This guy looks like a corner.

The big guy and the guy picked were the only white guys. The rest were short, half of those were girls.
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