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Friday, December 4th, 2009
11:30 pm
Anyone on here...
Does anyone on here think they wouldn't be hauled to jail for reckless driving (among other charges) if they were clocked at 109 in a 55 zone?

Minnesota's Klondike Kops at it again (and no, that's not a shot at all or even most cops in Minnesota, just at least 2.)
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
7:43 am
How cheap is your team?
This survery : http://teammarketing.com.ismmedia.com/ISM3/std-content/repos/Top/News/nfl%20fci%202009.pdf lists the costs of going to a match for each team. Using a metreic based on a family of four going to the game, the cheapest team is the Bills at $303, and the most expensive the Cowboys at $758.

More importantly, the Lions and the Rams sell the most expensive beer, at $8.50 and $8.75. t least it's for a 20oz cup... some places only sell in 16 and 14 for not much less.
Saturday, August 15th, 2009
4:47 pm
Hide the dogs, Philly!
So now that Vick is an Eagle, for those of you that are bothered by it, is there anything he can do that would make amends in your eyes? Is there any meaningful action on his part that would allow you to forgive him?
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
5:59 pm
brazilian football
Hey guys! I've read today an article about a previous Brazil victory over Italy by a three-goal margin at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/timvickery/2009/06/brazil.html 
and got much interested in that historical victory. Have you heard about this victory earlier? If you have any links to articles or photos regarding this victory I would be very thankful if you share them here. I think not only me is gonna be curious about this victory.
Saturday, April 25th, 2009
9:41 pm
Draft day
 The Detroit Lions continue to make whacky draft picks.  I think they open the phone book and call people at random, ask them if they know anything about football, if they say "No" then they offer them $50 cash to come down and draw a name out of a hat.  "I have an idea, let's pay $43 million for a guy nobody else wants so we can take him at #1."

As a Broncos fan living in Detroit I was much more pleased with Denver's picks.  A RB for a team built around the run that had to sign a back that got cut by the worst team in the league (Detroit didn't need Tatum Bell, but Denver did after trading him away) because they had six injured tailbacks.  This year they won't have Cutler's gun to fall back on if they can't run their offense.

Saturday, April 18th, 2009
2:16 pm
Diego Self-sacrifices for Bremen

Two German teams—Werder Bremen and Hamburg SV--will meet in the other semi-final of the UEFA Cup. The two sides, who won the first legs of their quarter-final matches, had to produce serious efforts to secure qualification in the return legs.

 Brazilian playmaker Diego (pictured left) was again a huge presence for Werder Bremen against Italian side Udinese (3:3). But his double in the game brought him a loss of more than 10 rating points: the Brazilian earned an enormous amount of rating points (27.70) on March 15 when he helped destroy Vfb Stuttgart (4:0). Despite the slip, Diego continues to top the rating of midfielders in the Bundesliga with 132.14 points. He missed out on a hat-trick when his penalty was saved. But teammate Claudio Pizarro made sure Werder were in the semis with a goal just a minute later.

Italian international Fabio Quagliarella had a double for Udinese, taking his overall rating to 100.48 points.

In another quarter-final, Manchester City beat Hamburg SV 2:1 but still fell short of their qualification goal: the German had won 3:1 at home, which gave them a 4:3 victory on aggregate.
from: http://www.ftbl.com/en-GB/News/News.aspx?newsId=10445 

Thursday, April 16th, 2009
1:36 pm
Arrivederci, Madden
John Madden retires at age 73

Enjoy your retirement, sir; you have more than earned it.
Monday, February 23rd, 2009
12:09 am
Villa’s Barry edged out of Top-23

Aston Villa’s draw in Moscow against CSK spelled Gareth Barry’s (picture) exit from the FTBL rating of world best players.

Barry lost 6.90 points, allowing Brazilian Juninho Pernambucano of Lyon, who earned 10.43 points in the last game against Le Havre, to edge pass him in the rating. Juninho scored the third goal in the game, allowing his side to walk away with a comfortable 3-1 victory. He now has a rating of 131.07 points. Barry only has 126.62 points.

more: http://www.ftbl.com/News/News.aspx?newsId=5953

Monday, February 16th, 2009
11:33 pm
Berbatov: the Bulgarian trail in the Top-23

Bulgarian striker Dmitar Berbatov (pictured) closes the FTBL world rating of best forwards, with 181.34 points, making him the best Bulgarian players at the moment.

Aston Villa midfielder Stiliyan Petrov also has quite a good rating and tops the list of best Bulgarian midfielders with a little over 100 points.

from here: http://www.ftbl.com/News/News.aspx?newsId=5440


Monday, February 2nd, 2009
9:33 pm
Superbowl pics
I'm a member of a private forum and one of the other members happens to be the photographer for the Air Force Thunderbirds.  He posted Some picsCollapse )
He says the C-17 broke down so he is stuck in Tampa.  These are from his camera phone.  He can't deal with the good stuff until he gets back to Nellis AFB in Nevada.

Sunday, February 1st, 2009
1:54 am
Some really great Super Bowl XLIII content.
In light of today's big game, I wanted to share some relevant articles ranging from an in-depth preview of the game, advice on party supplies (what to drink, eat, etc), and even a look at a few of the really great past Super Bowls. 

Super Bowl XLIII In-depth Preview

Super Bowl XLIII is upon us, and only LifeEpicurean.com breaks down the game in so much detail in our exclusive SportsLife preview of the Big Game. Will the resurgent Cardinals complete their fairy tale season and make good on their Cinderella story? Or will the Steel Curtain shut down another high powered offense and claim their record sixth Lombardi Trophy? READ MORE

The Party Essentials: The Big Game

Having a gathering to watch the Super Bowl is a traditional party, full of a lot of fun, and a lot of food. When it’s time to watch the Super Bowl, and have a gathering at home, it’s tough to find the tailgate fare that will please everyone, and be party appropriate. Whether you’re firing up the grill at home, making do with a broiler inside, or even tailgating at the stadium, the big game demands grilled food, cold beer, and enough to please the crowd at your party. How can you put on the best Super Bowl party at your house? There’s some great beers and great recipes for you to try, as well as some great cigars to enjoy with the Super Bowl. READ MORE

The SportsLife 5 Greatest Super Bowls (And What Makes Them Great)

In the NFL, there’s four types of games for the Super Bowl to be labeled: A blowout, a yawnfest, the Upset, and the Instant Classic. Now the first two are never fun to watch for the average fan, so unless you’re a diehard fan for one team or the other, we can dispense with how a blow out is great (starting the party early), and the yawner (the highlight is normally the commercials). That leaves us with the final two type of Super Bowls we may wind up with this very year: The Upset, and the Instant Classic. READ MORE



Monday, December 29th, 2008
3:24 pm
It's just a matter of punctuation...
...and, y'know, pretty massive sleep-dep:

Contract gives Dolphins' Parcells lucrative out:
"The Dolphins are 11-5, a dramatic turnaround from last year's 1-15 record."

Me: "It's not that dramatic, they just moved the dash one digit over."
Sunday, December 28th, 2008
9:40 am

Here's the deal:

-In order for the Bucs to make the playoffs, they need to beat Oakland AND Philly needs to beat Dallas.

-In order for PHILLY to make it, they need to beat Dallas, AND the Bucs and one of two other teams need to LOSE.

-The Bucs play in the morning, Philly/Dallas is the afternoon game.


If Tampa beats the Raiders in the morning, they knock Philly out, and Philly may decide there's no point in going all out against Dallas, (and help the Bucs to the playoffs) since there's no benefit to them anymore!!

Why oh why, must we play in the morning where Philly can watch and decide, directly or not, if they're going to help out the team that inadvertantly kicked them out of the playoffs???

Here's hoping the Bucs win, and then that Philly decides NOT to throw in the towel against one of their biggest division rivals.*bites nails*

EDIT: Here's another thought: Say the Bucs beat the Raiders (and they WILL beat the Raiders) then all Philly has to do is decide who they hate more? The Bucs or their rivals, the Cowboys? Granted, the Bucs will have knocked them out, but wouldn't they prefer to spoil Dallas's chances? Don't they hate Dallas more than my sweet little pirates???

Current Mood: nervous
Sunday, December 14th, 2008
1:28 pm
Buccaneer Questions of the Week:
1. I'm wondering if we could throw in a few more false start penalties? Granted, the game is over, but what's another three or six or ten just for shits and giggles?

2. Here's a joke for you:
"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"3rd down and Six."
"3rd down and Six, who?"
"It doesn't matter; you can't convert me anyway."

3. Of all the teams in all the divisions in all the conferences, Michael Turner has to come to the NFC South? He and his agent should've had mercy on some pitiful team like Detroit or hell, even stay in California and help SF out. But nooooo, he's got to come to my division so we get the pleasure of having him run up and down the field all over us a twice a season. Wee!

Current Mood: disgruntled
12:08 pm

I have been neglecting this journal.  I lost interest. I am going to try to revive this one.  I have been keeping up with my personal journal.  From the personal journal

What is it with these exceptionally talented athletes?  They have been handed a dream. They make great amounts of money and reap heaps of accolades and fame for doing something they love. Then by hard work and intense effort, they ruin the whole thing.

Terrill Owens, the ten year old in a man's body, brought this back to my mind this week. Talk about an idiot. He is a first class wide receiver.  He could be the backbone of a great team as he works his way into the hall of fame. He could also be doing great things to help his community.  Instead he is working very hard at ruining his own career.

He began with the 49ers if I remember right,   There he was working on breaking records and helping his team do well until the TO baggage opened again.  He started fussing and feuding with his coach and the quarterback.  He even accused Garcia of being a homosexual during an interview causing all of his teammates the the entire city of San Fran to just love him. The 49ers decided to trade him, They wanted to trade him to Baltimore,  He refused to play there endearing himself to yet another city.  Instead he went to Philadelphia Eagles, whose, fans really wanted him or so I have read.  They changed their minds soon.

At Philadelphia things were good for the first season or so then once again TO, the little boy, screwed it all up.  He did well for the Eagles for a while.  In a game against New England, he played even though he was told not do so by his doc.  He did well in that game. After wards he critized the media saying that if he were Farve he would have been prased for playing hurt.  Endearing himself to yet more people. 

Now things get fun again. TO hired a new agent and demanded more money than the Eagles were willing to pay.  They did anyway. TO who loved his quarterback in the beginning now begins to feud with him.  The team was losing. TO doesn't like losing nor taking responsibility. He started telling interviewers that he wished he had not signed with the Eagles.  The Eagles lost badly to the Cowboys, TO was seen walking around wearing a Cowboy's jersey.  Now    Philadelphia loves him. There were shouting matches in the team locker room.  He trash talked his own team during interviews.  He is working really hard at destroying his life.  He said that that he thought the Eagles would be undefeated if Brett Favre were on the team instead of Donovan McNabb. This ended his career in Philadelphia.  He was suspended for four or five games then deactivated, The then made a public apology to McNabb and the rest of the team members.   Then there was the suicide attempt which he denies was a sucide attempt even though police and people close to him said it was. 
I personally was sick to death of TO at this point.  Everyone else was too.  But he goes to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys love hiring thugs and criminals and idiots. TO fit right in.  You'd think he would.  In the first year he did well. He loved his quarterback to the point of public tears.  In what is an embarrassing interview, TO is bawling and talking about "He's my quarterback."  It is still a joke.  Today it is a different story. His quarterback is making secret plays with another wide receiver and ignoring his former wide reciever. TO feels he has been jilted.  His quarterback loves another. There is now shouting in the locker room and feuds and fussing.  The TO idiocy continues. He has ceased to be even a joke. 

Just a fun list of TO moments

Spitting in the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall.  He apologized and was fined. 

He is known for his in your face and nasty TD celebrations.  The most notable is the time he ran from the endzone to the Cowboy's star logo. The second time he did that a Cowboy player punched him. 





Thursday, December 4th, 2008
6:53 pm
Army takes down the NFL
I was just watching NFL Total Access on NFL Network. They had Dion Sanders showing how to run a fade route and a fade stop. Marshal Faulk was throwing and Steve Mariuchi was describing it. They had half a dozen soldiers there in desert camo and they picked one to play CB and cover Dion. They show the segment and Dion runs all over the camo cornerback once for each route and Dion made two TDs. Dion talked trash "I used to do this for real." and danced in the end zone.

After it was over and they went back to the booth, they showed some of the other takes where Pete (the soldier CB's first name) was swatting down passes, making picks and taking off. This guy was selected by Dion because he is about 6" shorter. Marshal Faulk tried to pick the biggest soldier there, but Dion said "That's not a corner, that's a defensive end. This guy looks like a corner.

The big guy and the guy picked were the only white guys. The rest were short, half of those were girls.

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
12:33 am
RIVALS: College Football’s Best Rivalries In 2008
RIVALS: College Football’s Best Rivalries In 2008
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
By Chris Spinato

Reliving rivalries in college football is a timeless experience. They happen at the same time every year, in roughly the same location, and many of the same people are there year after year. More importantly, you have spent your entire year either waiting for the change to pile it on, and knock your rival in the dirt once more, or to avenge a loss that marks you like a stain on your soul. College Footballs best rivalries involve usually close geographic rivals, historically back and forth games, where no team has ever been able to establish long term dominance in the modern era of football (Do those victories in the no helmet era really count?), and two teams that just can’t stand each other. From the Battle For the Jeweled Shillelagh to the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, these games are colorful, heated, and if the stars align just so, provide us with a masterpiece, nail biter game, resulting in a victory for our school, at the expense of our blood rival. Here’s a look at where five of the most heated rivalries stand in the topsy turvy world of the 2008 College Football season.

Monday, September 22nd, 2008
9:57 am
2008 NFL Preview: The NFC

The NFC was once the red headed step child of the NFL, being beaten on a fairly regular basis by the AFC, and even though the New York Giants pulled off an epic upset victory against the New England Patriot juggernaut, the NFC is still the weaker conference. With a plethora of teams in transition, and a handful of teams looking to make a run after years of frustration, and just a few top tier teams holding a mortal lock on playoff spots. Still, there’s always a group of teams who surprise every year, and another group who has the ignominious honor of being called “underachiever.” Who belongs to which category? Let’s take a deeper look at the NFC.
Continue reading after the cutCollapse )
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
4:04 pm
BCS Predictions
BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: USC Trojans vs. West Virginia Mountaineers
Projected Winner:
USC, Game MVP: Vidal Hazelton
Sugar Bowl:
Florida Gators vs. Colorado Buffaloes
Projected Winner:
Florida Gators, Game MVP: Tim Tebow
Orange Bowl:
Clemson Tigers vs. BYU Cougars
Projected Winner:
Clemson Tigers, Game MVP: Cullen Harper
Fiesta Bowl:
Oklahoma Sooners vs. USF Bulls
Projected Winner:
Oklahoma Sooners, Game MVP: Sam Bradford
BCS National Championship Game:
Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Heisman Trophy Winner:
Chris "Beanie" Wells, HB, Ohio State
Runners-Up: Matthew Stafford (QB, UGA), Tim Tebow (QB, Florida)



Tim Tebow, Florida
Beanie Wells, Ohio State
Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
Percy Harvin, Florida
Travis Beckum, Wisconsin
Michael Oher, Ole Miss, Philip Loadholt, Oklahoma
OG: Duke Robinson, Oklahoma, Herman Johnson, LSU
Max Unger, Oregon


George Selvie, USF, Tyler Jackson, LSU
DT: Fili Moala, USC, Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
Brian Cushing, USC, Sean Lee, Penn St.
MLB: Rey Maualuga, USC, James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
CB: Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio St., Victor Harris, Va Tech
Myron Rolle, FSU, Taylor Mays, USC


K: Matt Evensen, Oregon
AJ Trapasso, Ohio State

Content taken from LifeEpicurean.com
Monday, August 18th, 2008
7:49 pm
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